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    From the bottom of my heart, I want to say that I really admire my teacher, Vu Quang Trung, for being such a rare talent in Jazz/contemporary/classical pianist and also a leading a composer with his own sound.

    I want to rate VQT a 6 stars plus, if it's ever available. I am an adult who wants to continue learning piano for my own enjoyment and to fulfill my desire. I improved so much on playing modern music within such a short time. I am so happy that I have found VQT music school.

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    I was a student here at VQT and I would say that my experience is positive!

    I think this school is great if you're looking to explore something other than classical music. The Principal is great at improv and modern music, and I received the pleasure of learning directly under him. I was finally able to use what I learned in music theory after years of learning it out of workbooks and taking exams, and it felt like a breath of fresh air.

    The strength of this school is that it's unique in how it branches off from the traditional classically trained studio. It asks the player to be more creative and detaches them the classical rigor of competitions. It asks the player to be more rhythmic, and enjoy the groove of the music. Yes, there is a larger focus on rhythm than ever before. When I was receiving my classical training somewhere else, I could blow off rhythms because it was rather romantic sometimes (rubrato!), but not here. You have to be count! and count! and keep counting. This studio improved my muscianship.

    This studio also emphasizes collaboration. Some of the students here play with singers, guitarists, and even drummers. During my lessons, I was able to play with backing track and that was cool.

    I will say though that the recital experience was okay. The place they rented out had people leaving in and out and it was very casual. I wish I knew when I would play because there was a loooong list of players. I had to wait a while.

    Other than that though, this place is great if you're looking to be more creative and enjoy modern music.

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    My son and daughter attending @ VQT Music Academy for years now. He loves his amazing piano teacher Ms. Marina! She is very patient and positive with him who has
    Autism. My son have been with Ms. Marina since he was 7 years old. This past February 2015 he passed the advance level of the CM test (California Music test run by the state annually) with honor. Thank you VQT for bringing out my son talent we didn't know he had.

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    Although VQT music Academy still in its early stage. Its members and staff are very professional. They conduct their jobs in a very caring and patience to their students. They spend time to show each student to study and play their instruments closely. This Academy deserves more chances to express their talents and professions.

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    VQT music Academy is a very great and trustworthy place for music lessons concerning instruments and even vocals . My child takes drum lessons here and the teachers are very dedicated and are a lot of help to both the students and parents . I have had my child go to other places , but this music academy has the best service by far . Everyone here seems enjoy their job . A lot of other places that I have been to do not allow make - ups for the week missed . However , the teachers here insist make up lessons without charging extra even though we have often times declined . Everyone is friendly and really take the time to help their students .

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